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We are an international firm of financial advisers with more than 23 years of multifaceted experience. We are supported by a base of private, corporate and family clients internationally.


Wealth Creation And Management

Start planning your financial future for retirement.

Creation and Management of Assets for Retirement, seeking that our clients reach their retirement with financial freedom.

Ensure The Quality Of Your Children's Education

Savings Plans and Trusts for the future Education of your children. 

Financial advice and access to multiple international investment assets

Mutual Funds
Fixed Rate (7%-12% APR)
Corporate Stocks and Bonds
Structured Notes
International REITs
Private Equities
Alternative Investments

International Banking Services

Opening of international accounts in a bank located in the United Kingdom, our clients can obtain debit cards connected to their accounts in

Financial Protection

Design proactive plans for Your Wealth And Funds

Asset / Trust Planning

Protect Your Savings
Against the Unexpected

International Health

Protect Your Loved Ones For The Unexpected Future

International Life

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About us

We are an international independent financial advisory firm. Everyone has a different financial situation. As a consequence, your objectives, capabilities and financial needs will be different for the creation of your personal wealth.

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KNG International Advisors distinguishes itself from other financial firms for its long-term continuity of service across international borders, combined with its ability to micromanage investments worldwide. As we manage our clients’ plans we are able to continue our relationship of trust regardless of their location, making it a valuable asset for our customer service experience.

Frequently asked


KNG International Advisors is a British-led investment, advisory and financial management company with over 25 years of multifaceted experience. With advisers located in Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Africa, and the Caribbean Islands.

Our performance, especially over the long term, demonstrates our experienced focus on diversified investing and discipline in portfolio realignment.

We charge an annual fee on the investment value of an averaging 0.75% per year.

We start by analyzing your goals and needs to evaluate your investing profile. After we present you with a proposal done with a detailed analysis of your specific financial circumstances and once you’ve read and understood the proposal we wait for your review and approval.

Professional Bond Portfolio starting at $ 50,000 USD. $50,000 USD.

Savings and investment accounts start at $500 USD monthly or a single investment from $10,000 USD.

Educational funds start at $350 USD monthly

We believe that a carefully managed, diversified, and structured portfolio will achieve better and more stabilized performances through market cycles. We routinely recommend a minimum term of 5 years on our selected investments to ensure they are properly developed.

We customize the asset allocation for each client based on their unique circumstances. Subsequently, we assign investment managers that we have identified as the best in their category to specific funds such as bonds, stocks or alternative investments.

These managers are not direct employees of KNG, but we work through partnerships that we have carefully selected for their experience and performance against the appropriate benchmark.

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