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About us

Each family and individual has unique values, goals, and priorities. Our mission is to develop a lifelong relationship as your trusted advisor.

KNG International Advisors es una compañía de gestión financiera, asesoría e inversión dirigida por británicos con más de 25 años de experiencia multifacética.

We are supported by a client base of international families, individuals with high investment power, and we collaborate together with the world's leading financial institutions to provide the best quality to our clients. We also have a network of advisers located around Latin America and Africa.

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Working Process

Initial meeting


The initial meeting is all about you. We take the time to understand how you feel about investing and to make sure we fully understand your investment profile.

Investment Proposal


During our second meeting, we will present our proposal for your financial plan. This includes not only construction and portfolio management but also financial education, wealth planning, income needs, and safety inquiries.

Application process


Once you are satisfied with our recommendations, we will gather all the necessary supporting documents and start processing your application. Once it has been successfully completed will let you know and go through the documents with you, explaining any further queries.

Periodic revisions


We believe that once you have prepared a financial plan, you shouldn’t leave it in a drawer and forget about it. We will work with you continually to strive and ensure that you stay on the right track and achieve your financial goals through regular evaluations and ongoing customer service.

KNG International Advisors distinguishes itself from other financial firms for its long-term continuity of service across international borders, combined with its ability to micromanage investments worldwide. As we manage our clients’ plans we are able to continue our relationship of trust regardless of their location, making it a valuable asset for our customer service experience.

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Our team

Neil Emberson


Neil Emberson
After 25 years of experience, my main objective as CEO of KNG Int. Advisors is to provide personalized advice on finance and wealth management in a professional, independent, and ethical manner with an international focus.
Diseño sin título

International Financial Advisor

Cecyl Ramírez
For more than 16 years I have helped multiple people to live happily and calmly, to fulfill their financial dreams, and to achieve their goals. I specialize in the creation and management of heritage. I represent more than 50 Global Financial Institutions, which allow me to find financial solutions for my clients in Mexico and anywhere in the world.
Roberto Becerra

Senior Executive in Financial Advisory

Roberto Becerra
I emphasize Wealth Management and with more than 10 years of experience in the financial sector, I consider myself a specialist in advising high-value clients on investment, savings, insurance, and pension issues.
Alfonso Mimensa

International Financial Advisor

Alfonso Mimenza
I have a history of 40 years working with financial institutions such as brokerage houses, currency exchange, commercial and patrimonial banking, and they are all focused on offering financial solutions to leaders, entrepreneurs, businessmen and executives.
  • There is a very detailed follow-up in the investment plans. Recommended.

    michelle c Avatar michelle c
  • As a financial advisor to the KNG Advisors staff, I can attest to the pillars that are instilled in us and become part of our identity as quality advisors that guide us in the process of effectively helping our clients Diligence in the selection of investment instruments The investment carried out by our senior advisers is the one with the greatest commitment, guaranteeing us the timely, effective and safe offer of the best qualified, safe and profitable financial instruments in the global market The possibilities of choosing platforms are varied and apply to different client profiles with the certainty that they will find the solution to their personal, effective and punctual financial need. Our training within the company has no limit and positively develops our skills as quality advisors, as is KNG Advisors.

    Humberto Mejía Monsalve Avatar Humberto Mejía Monsalve
  • KNG is a very close agency with its sub-agencies, sending regular and accurate information on the products and investment options available in the market, always innovating at a commercial, technological and informative level.

    Gerardo Jose Perez Nessi Avatar Gerardo Jose Perez Nessi
  • KNG is a company very committed to top-level professionals who are always willing to train, inform, and support both the staff that work with them and investors (through their advisors) and in a completely transparent manner. That is what makes the difference compared to other companies. iiiCongratulations!!!..👏👏👏.

    Julio César Milla Castillo Avatar Julio César Milla Castillo
  • With respect to the Administrative Service, I can mention that the Support with its clients is at the moment and of quality, it has various investment products. It also has a very friendly platform. Additionally, it offers constant training.

    Fernando Castillo Cervantes Avatar Fernando Castillo Cervantes
  • Excellent manager, both on the client side and the advisor

    Ricardo M. Olivares Guajardo Avatar Ricardo M. Olivares Guajardo